Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

The sequel to 2006’s Dead Rising, in which players assume the role of freelance photojournalist Frank West as he investigates a zombie infestation in an American shopping mall, is scheduled to hit stores September 28th.

The cover for Dead Rising 2.

Looks like the Servbot head makes a return in the sequel...

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, now available as an exclusive download for Xbox 360, takes place three years prior to the events of the sequel, introducing the protagonists and Las Vegas-esque setting of the soon-to-be-released second installment.

Dead Rising Case Zero Poster

Looks like somebody's coming down with a case of the Zombies...

Players control series newcomer Chuck Greene as he struggles to survive against the zombie horde along with his young daughter, Katey, who must receive regular doses of the zombie suppressant, Zombrex, in order to keep from turning into a mindless, flesh-eating corpse.

Love the ticking clock aspect introduced by the hero’s infected daughter, and unlike Capcom’s flagship zombie franchise, Resident Evil, Dead Rising provides an in-game explanation – Zombrex – for the main character’s ability to shrug off the occasional zombie bite.

Players will be able to combine items (say, a box of nails found lying on the ground) and weapons (like the trusty baseball bat) in the new game. Also, the number of zombies onscreen at one time has been bumped up significantly for the sequel, from 800 in the original Dead Rising to more than 7,000 this time around!

Fun stuff!

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