Zombie Legos

Over at the Inadawords official blog, I did a post about Andrew Bell’s ridiculously cool, undead Lego Men awhile back:

Zombie Lego Men

An undead Lego Zombie!

Zombie Lego Man

Lego Brains!!!!

Since then, the artist has put out a “Block Of The Dead T-Shirt/Hoodie featuring the Lego Zombies skull symbol:

Block Of The Dead Skull T-Shirt/Hoodie

Block Of The Dead!

Also, a fan in the UK made this Lego Zombies Halloween costume:

Zombie Lego Halloween Costume

Undead Lego Man Halloween Costume

A Zombie Lego Halloween Costume

Fan Made!

Check out more pics of the original Lego Zombies, as well as more from artist Andrew Bell, at creaturesinmyhead.com.  Also, here and here.

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  1. conor says:

    very good and very clever zombies

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