Zombie Buddy Plush

Stopped by Barnes & Noble for a coffee and saw this lil’ guy on display:

Plush Zombie Buddy

Zombie Buddy comes with a small bag of Candy Corn, but I eated it.

I think I shall name my new Zombie Buddy Zeb…

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11 Responses to Zombie Buddy Plush

  1. ZombieBuddy_Brains? says:

    I’ve got a zombie buddy! I eated the candy corns, too. My zombie buddy was delivered to me in a coffee mug.

    Every once in a while I’ll pretend it’s speaking for me when my wife talks to me. She’ll ask me a question, and I’ll have zombie buddy pop up and say “Brains?” She’ll reply with “no Brains! Bad, Brains!”

    So then I just started calling him “Brains?” with an upward inflection.

    • ZombieBrandon says:

      Sweet! He came in a coffee mug? Must’ve been a reeaaallly big coffee mug….?

      “Brains?” is a good, solid choice as far as a name – the kinda name a zombie would give to a fellow zombie methinks… As an update, Zeb is indeed my Zombie Buddy’s name, and our unofficial mascot here at ZIzForZombie.com.

      Thanks for the comment! And may your Halloween be happy and bursting with candy corn goodness…!

  2. ZombieBuddy_Brains? says:

    Excellent name! And, of course Zeb should be the unofficial mascot. He’s a zombie!

    Brains? isn’t quite as big as Zeb; he’s a little ghoul. Just big enough to fit into a regular sized coffee mug. Hope you guys had a great Halloween!

    • admin says:


      Any chance you can send us pics of your zombie buddy to share with the undead horde?

      BTW, Zombie Mark’s been uber-busy working on a project-related update. Stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes sketches from the storybook soon!

  3. Fellow Zombie Lover says:

    I saw this one on clearance today at B&N I went to the atm to get money so I could come back and buy this wicked awesome plush and the mug, but when I came back they had sold it! Can you look on the bottom of your mug and tell me who makes it? I’ve been scouring the internet looking for one!

    • admin says:

      Hey, Fellow Zombie Lover (heh),

      The Zombie Buddy in the post didn’t come in a mug, although he did come with a little baggie of Candy Corns, which is all sorts of awesome.

      Perhaps you’re referring to the post below from ZombieBuddy_Brains? He’s got a little Zombie plush that fits in a coffee mug. (Zeb is much bigger, maybe a foot tall or so.)

      I stopped by B&N recently and didn’t see any more of them on the shelves.

      Check out my reply two comments down for more info about how to (hopefully) get your very own Zombie Buddy.

      Thanks for visiting the site!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I just listed a stuffed 12 inch zombie buddy made by Animal Adventure on ebay today, the candy corn is of course gone. The listing is set up to take “best offers”.


  5. Brenda says:

    I bought my 7 year old a stuffed “Zombie Buddy” doll last fall and he took it everywhere. This morning he sat him on the sofa to brush his teeth and 2 of my dogs decided to play tug of war and ripped him to shreds. B&N does not have him on the website and I was hoping in anyone’s travels if they had a B&N they might find him in a clearance bin lol (Or maybe willing to sell me one.)
    I even called the manufacturer who did inform me there is a new version coming out this fall but he wants HIS version. When he was 2 his favorite movie was (and still is) Night of the Living Dead! Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!
    Bryarly Furlong: oh no.

  6. Michael says:

    Just got my zombie buddy and I love him! I named him deady! Like he’s my little deady bear.

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