Zits Zombie Week

I’m a big fan of Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman’s award-winning comic strip, Zits:

Zits Yearbook

Zits Comic Strip From June 13, 2010

While not always “laugh out loud” funny, the popular syndicated strip, now more than 13 years old (it first debuted in 1997), is consistently amusing, with surprisingly insightful and witty observations on the life of a teenager in middle America, often paired with clever visual puns by the uber-talented Mr. Borgman.

So what, if anything, does any of this have to do with zombies?

The answer, my friends:

Zits Zombie Week October 25, 2010

Today's Strip, Part Of Zits Zombie Week!

That’s right.  The strip above isn’t a mashup or fan manipulation of an existing strip; it’s the first in a series of Zits comic strips leading up to Halloween, part of the second annual (!) “Zits Zombie Week!”

Here’s last year’s strip, kicking off a week’s worth of comics enumerating the “6 Reasons Why Zombies Would Make Cool Parents” (which I somehow missed entirely):

Zits Zombie Week October 26, 2009

Last year's strip that started it all!

It’s surreal seeing Jeremy’s parents all zombie-fied like this.  Thankfully, though, Borgman and Scott have spared us from witnessing anything too, too gruesome; the Zits Zombies are less concerned with brains than your average undead corpse.

And, of course, Jeremy, as usual, the self-absorbed teen, seems completely oblivious to the fact his parents have joined the ranks of the living dead!

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  2. ZombieBuddy_Brains? says:

    This is very entertaining stuff. Glad I stumbled upon this site!

    • admin says:

      We’re glad you stumbled onto the site as well! Thanks for following along!

      Did you catch “The Walking Dead” premiere on Halloween?

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