Zits Zombie Week Part Deux

Zits Zombie Week 2010

Brains!? Where?!

Alright, scratch what I said the other day; Jeremy, like every other teen in America, besides being self-absorbed, is also fully aware of his parents’ “Zits Zombie Week”-long condition and is not above exploiting their undead hankering for brains (see above)…

It turns out Connie and Walt Duncan, Jeremy’s parents (for those who don’t follow the strip, undead only until the day after Halloween), do seem to be interested in nom-nom-nomming brains after all!

Jeremy being a bright kid, I wouldn’t doubt that he’s up to the task of surviving six days living under the same roof as his zombiefied parents, especially since they appear to be of the slow-moving Romero variety.

On a related side note, I’m guessing he didn’t get that traffic ticket behind the wheel of the VW Van (unless it was for going too slow)…

Zits Sketchbook 7 Road Trip

The Van, now restored, goes a few mph faster than what's shown above...

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