Zombie Apocalypse Animated Short

Damon O’Keefe and Daisy Church put together this funny flash music video for Kirby Krackle’s “Zombie Apocalypse” song:

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4 Responses to Zombie Apocalypse Animated Short

  1. ZombieBrandon says:

    I like the nod to Shaun Of The Dead/Hot Fuzz and the World War Z Vet. Also, the Fantastic Four tee and X-Men boxers in the beginning for us comic book geeks…

  2. daisy says:

    thanks so much for the shout-out!! : D glad you like!

    PS- you can see more designs for the zombies and some “behind the scenes” over at Damon’s blog

    PSS-the Zombie Fail Whale from the video is now available as a t-shirt! http://preview.tinyurl.com/29p5hlf

  3. damon says:

    glad you like it

    I have a few posts on some of the designs on my blog


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