“Deliver Me To Hell” Interactive Zombie Adventure

Discovered this fun, zombie-themed, Choose Your Own Adventure series of short films called “Deliver Me To Hell,” produced by LITTLESISTERFILMS and developed for New Zealand-based pizza chain Hell Pizza, via Ain’t It Cool News.

Here’s the trailer:

Click on the link embedded in the trailer to start the adventure!

Fun stuff!

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Zombie Conference Call

Way too much work to catch up on and not nearly enough time spent preparing for the coming zombie apocalypse/illustrated storybook of same.

Decided a phone call would suffice, but unfortunately, Mark (he who draws the zombies) was out of commission with mysterious, “flu-like” symptoms which, of course, immediately got me wondering whether my poor, overworked partner would pull through or wind up a mindless, flesh-eating, shambling corpse by night’s end.

I told him to take some Nyquil, the “nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, hacking, keeling over, coming back, shotgun blast to the head, so you can rest-in-peace medicine.”

Updated: Mark’s feeling fine.

Book proceeding as planned.

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“Zombie At Tiffany’s” T-Shirt By Marion Cromb

Here we have an awesome T-shirt design by artist Marion Cromb entitled, “Zombie At Tiffany’s”:

Marion Cromb's "Zombie At Tiffany's" T-Shirt Design

Zombie Audrey Hepburn!

Nicely done!

You can buy the rather gruesome T-Shirt over at Threadless.com!

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Zombie Photos From AMC’s The Walking Dead

AMC has posted some absolutely amazing production photos, stills, and test shots from the upcoming zombie television series, The Walking Dead, based on Robert Kirkman’s hit comic book of the same name:

Undead Male From AMC's The Walking Dead Television Series

A Zombie From AMC's Upcoming The Walking Dead

Looks terrific!  Can’t wait for the premiere in October!

For more gruesome pics, visit the official site, and check out the Photo Gallery.

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Zombie Comic Book Tee By Tony Moore

Check out this cool T-Shirt design by The Walking Dead‘s Tony Moore on Threadless.com:

Zombie Tee By Tony Moore

Zombie Tee!

Tony Moore's Zombie Tee Back View

Undead Tee

One of four comic book-inspired designs by fellow artists Jill Thompson, Cliff Chiang, and Art Balthazar, Tony Moore’s “Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 2, Vol. 1” is available on Threadless.com here.

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“Zombie Playground” By Artist Jason Chan

While researching zombies online, I stumbled upon this cool piece by artist Jason Chan:

"Zombie Playground" By Artist Jason Chan

"Zombie Playground"

What a terrific idea! (The trashcan lid as improvised shield is a nice touch.)

For other work by Jason Chan, check out his official blog here.

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Z Iz For Zombie Official Blog

Welcome to the official blog of Z Iz For Zombie: The Zombie Alphabet, an undead storybook for grownups by Brandon Inada and illustrated by Mark Chun!

Rising from the grave in 2011!

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